James Shepard
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Jingle Bell Rock
"Jingle Bell Rock"

Jingle bell, jingle bell
Jingle bell rock
Jingle bell swing
And jingle bells ring
Snowin' and blowin'
Up bushels of fun
Now the jingle hop has begun

Jingle bell, jingle bell
Jingle bell rock
Jingle bells chime in
Jingle bell time
Dancin' and prancin'
In jingle bell square
In the frosty air

What a bright time
It's the right time
To rock the night away
Jingle bell, time
Is a swell time
To go glidin' in a
one horse sleigh

Giddy-up, jingle horse
Pick up your feet
Jingle around the clock
Mix and mingle
In a jinglin' beat
That's the jingle bell rock
Story Behind the Song:
Rockabilly cover of this classic Christmas song. featuring electric guitars, drums by Buck Owens long time drummer
Lyric Credits: Bobby Helms
Music Credits: Bobby Helms
Producer Credits: James Shepard
Performance Credits: James Shepard, guitar andvocals, Jim McCarty (drums,
Song Length: 2:13
Primary Genre: Rock-Roots/Rock n' Roll
Secondary Genre: Rock-Classic
Tempo / Feel: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Laugh, Smile
Subject Matter 2: Holidays - Xmas
Similar Artist 1: Bill Haley And His Comets
Similar Artist 2: Carl Perkins
Language: English
Era: 1960 - 1969