James Shepard
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Wood , Hay And Stubble
Boxes full of memories keepsakes and treasures
a past that's lost
filled photo albums
pictures of times past
but what a cost to fill these pages
requiem for a time of trouble
I guess it's all wood hay and stubble

All these possessions I carry on my shoulders
from place to place as I grow older
It's all wood hay and stubble

Unimportant dreams in the greater scheme of things
I'm afraid I've carried them with me as far as I can
One day they will be left behind
more important matters will survive

Faith Hope And Love
Short Song Description:
Written recently reflecting upon my life and a moving boxes from place to place
Long Song Description:
What's important in life
Lyric Credits: James Shepard
Music Credits: James Shepard
Producer Credits: James Shepard
Publisher Credits: James Shepard
Performance Credits: James Shepard
Song Length: 2:42
Primary Genre: Folk-Alternative
Secondary Genre: Rock-Indie/Low-Fi
Tempo / Feel: Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Existence
Subject Matter 2: Spirituality
Mood 1: Endearing
Mood 2: Poignant
Similar Artist 1: Bob Dylan
Similar Artist 2: Harry Chapin
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later